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The Spice of Life


Variety right? So today I ventured to the West Memphis Kroger. (I promise at some point this won't be the "follow Allison grocery shopping" blog, but people!, I'm unemployed and it's my outing. 
So I choose the Kroger in West Memphis because I hadn't been there, and why not try it out. It was huge and empty! Every grocery shopper's dream. I had a short list, but was pleased to find everything I needed and plenty of room, light and anti-germy area to find it in. 
To be noted the Kroger is next to the Sally Beauty Store, $5 clothing, Tobacco Superstore and the West Memphis "join the military office." 
At 3:00 in the afternoon, it was a delightful choice, and I may return. 

On a different note, I have two job possibilities so send me lots of positive thoughts that whichever is the right one for me will work out. I appreciate the good thoughts!

I will blog later with cute pictures of animals, husbands, etc.