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One Week Later


One week ago we walked into our empty house for the first time. Then we filled it with boxes. Now, we're unpacked and are able to enjoy it! We don't mess around in Cook house. No boxes left!
We've (Chris has) hug our porch swing, and it fits perfectly on our front porch.

In the living room, we've hung the paintings that I bought last year at the North Little Rock Art Walk. You can also see our Alltel nesting tables, and the trunk that once had our TV on it.

This is Chris' man nook with his Man Chair and Barry Thomas sketches.

Behind the front door is this space, perfect for our table and photos.

Our dining room with mom's sideboard and mirror. Our table doesn't exactly match so I'm shopping for a    pretty table cloth, and I'm considering either covering or stripping and staining the chairs.

This is my nook! It's in the kitchen and I have a comfy chair and my Jack Vettriano prints.

Also in my kitchen, Chris rigged me a TV. It began its life as a computer monitor and now is a TV. It's the perfect size, and there's nothing better than cooking while watching Food Network. You can also see the wine refrigerator that the Cooks gave us. It's the perfect fit right there!

My KitchenAid mixer has its own little counter and my rooster--my wedding present from Chris-has a  home on top of the refrigerator.

That's the downstairs tour of our house. New post: the upstairs!