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You're Welcome America


Have you heard about the Stimulus Package? We're it. Christopher and Allison Cook will remake America's economy.

In the middle of the recession, we have both secured new jobs, moved, purchased a home, and now we're buying furniture. Yes, America, you're welcome. The increase of the GDP is due to us.

Because America is so stressed about making money, everything is on sale!

We've been so fortunate. We found a bed a Bassett that was on a huge sale. We got the bed with the upholstered headboard and the wood panel foot board. There's not a picture that shows that option so you'll have to imagine. It is the perfect blend of Chris (who wants all wood all the time) and me (who doesn't mind wood, but enjoys a lighter side). We found combining both the upholstery and wood would allow for more versatility in bedding and no worries about wearing the foot board from foot traffic, cat interest, etc.

Then we visited Macy's and purchased the mattress. They not only had a huge sale, but also paid the sales tax. Thanks Macy's!

Because mattress aren't really exciting to anyone who is not sleeping on it. Just believe us that it's wonderful, and we can't wait to enjoy it in our new home!

We've had a big day of spending money, but thankfully, no debt was actually incurred. The funny part was that at Macy's we pulled out our American Express card--to get the points--and the charge was rejected. Chris got an immediate call saying there was a potential fraud charge on our account. AMEX isn't use to us being big spenders and buying beds every day. Good to know they are looking out for us.

So America, you're welcome. Chris and I are on the forefront of growing the economy. We've probably held off the next Great Depression.

We'll take our Nobel Prize in the form of cash.