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Our balcony celebration


Saturday afternoon we struck out on a bike ride. It was very eventful. The first event was that I was able to easily access by bike onto the street. In our apartment, Chris would have to carry my bike down two flights of stairs to the parking lot. My bike is the best bike ever, and incredibly heavy.
The other event was that on our ride, two blocks from our house, a neighbor had a sign for Muddy Water Seafood, fresh gulf shrimp. Yes, of course we stopped. This guy is actually a new vendor at the Memphis Farmers' Market where I volunteer, and he had extra shrimp that they didn't sell at the market. We picked up two pounds of fresh shrimp for dinner. Here I am touting our find. What a neighborhood!

After our bike ride, we decided to have a celebratory snack on our balcony. Our real estate agent, Myra, our saviour, had given us a bottle of champagne after we purchased the house. We paired it with bread from Miss Cordelia's, fresh grapes, goat cheese from a local farm, Bonnie Blue Farm, and smoked salami from West Wind Farms. Oh my, what a feast!

Here you can see us enjoying our treats and surroundings.

Cheers to our new balcony, and we said a special thank for Myra!

The best Saturday yet!