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Pre-Christmas festivities


I feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It's like the opening act for Christmas. Thanksgiving even has to have Santa end all its parades.

Even though I feel bad for Thanksgiving, I too rush to get in the Christmas spirit. This year, on the day before Thanksgiving, Chris and I shopped at Hobby Lobby. They had all their Christmas items 50% off. It was great!

The weekend before, Chris had worked to hang lights on the outside of our house. This is always very exciting to him, and this year was especially important since it's the first time we've (he has) hung them on our house.

Here are some photos of his handy work:

You'll see that our neighbors still, rightfully, had their Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkins and hay out, but that's ok. We're comfortable as the first people out of the gate.

Pretty acorn wreath from my grandmother, and it matches our door perfectly.

You can see a little of the glow from the lights. They are LED, and put off a slightly blue hue, but not the crazy bright blue hue that your tacky neighbors use.

With his masterpiece!

Some night shots and interior decorating shots to come.

Happy holidays!