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Christmas Parties


We were lucky enough to have two Christmas parties in one night. The funny part was that they were on the opposite spectrum of parities.

The first was my boss' Christmas party at his new condo. So we put on cute clothes, took our photos in front of the Christmas tree and we were off.

Our second party was a Tacky (although if you like some of the sweaters you see here, just think of them as "festive") Christmas Sweater Party at our neighbors' house. So we raced home, put on our best Christmas sweaters/attire/accessories, and we were gone again.

My earring lit up. They are awesome.
Grace even got in on the fun!

We thought the reindeer antlers were a nice touch, and the jiggle bells on them were truly awesome.

I've stolen some of these from Facebook, but they are worth repeating.

There are two of our neighbors.

Our neighbor Abby and me--one of my antlers had given out.

Do you recognize Charlie Brown's Christmas tree? We thought it deserved a sad face.

So we had a great Christmas weekend. It was perfect to get us in the spirit!