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They're Here!


After much ado, about nothing, they are here. And we are very happy. We (I) searched and searched for bedside tables, as illustrated here and here. I had an idea that I wanted mirrored pieces; however, I don't know if I ever convinced Chris.

Yesterday we went shopping for him to look at some I had found. We bought the first ones! We were so fortunate that my grandparents had given us some spending money as a housewarming present, and we ear-marked it for bedside tables.

When we decided to buy the first ones I showed him, it happened that we were driving my car...whoops! AND, the Pier 1 we went to only had one of them. The Pier 1 about 20 miles away had another one. Whoops!

So after Chris maneuvering some boxes, removing some packaging and a few grunts, we (he) managed to get two bedsides tables into to Big V.  I did help him get them up the stairs.

And here they are! The photos are not the best because the room doesn't allow me to get far enough for a straight-on shot. But you can get the feeling. 

What's nice is that although they look shiny in this next photo, they actually have an antiqued finish so they don't look that shiny.

This is Chris' side, and yes, I promise that little bitty gold lamp is TEMPORARY. Because of course, now we needs lamps! It's never ending ;)


This is the view from the hallway. I think another reason the mirrored finish works is because you never really see both side tables at the same time, so it's not overwhelming.

We are very happy, and I have some place to put my glass of water, phone and magazines...and now on to the lamps!!

Porter got a little jealous I wasn't taking pictures of him, and he stretched up on my leg to say hello.