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6 years ago. What were you doing?


I was taking these photos:

Christopher's sister, Crystal, gave birth to Bryce six years ago Thursday. Let's recap what six years ago would have been like. 
I was in college. I was wearing no makeup. Probably a t-shirt and jeans and flip-flops, and I was majoring in International Relations. Not because I wanted to solve world peace, but because I really enjoyed reading and writing about it all. What a luxury.
I skipped out on my favorite class, History of Death in America with Dr. Schantz, to go to Little Rock for Bryce's arrival. (Don't worry, I told Dr. Schantz, and he was of course cool with it.) ((Yes, History of Death in America was one of my favorite courses.))
Chris and I weren't engaged. We had been dating a year? I may be off on that calculation. Either way, I knew this was the family I was going to join, and so I was there. 
I don't know who looks younger if those photos above: Chris or Bryce. 

Bryce grew into this little guy at our wedding, and although he didn't quite make it down the aisle, he looked pretty dapper.

Then this guy at his previous birthday at my in-laws' house.


You might not be able to tell it, but we like to play together. 

He's a boy, and sometimes he likes to get into cages. 

But then he has to get clean. 

I like to cook, and he likes to eat. So does the "grown" man I live with. It works out well. No, the wine isn't Bryce's glass. Promise.

He likes my cooking. My heart melts. 

We kind of like each other. 

He thinks his uncle is pretty cool too. 

But I might be the favorite. ;)

Happy 6th birthday, Bryce!!!!