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So about these Olympics...


I don't like them. 

I'll pause while you call me un-American, etc. 

So back to the fact that I don't like the Olympics. I just don't. The commentators, the crazy outfits, the names I can't pronounce and have never heard of, the McDonald's commercials. I just don't get it.

I always find that I'm way too nervous to enjoy them. The commentators are always talking about how this is the most important jump/turn/lean/curl of these peoples' lives, and how they've trained their entire lives for this moment....and then they fall/trip/slide into the wall/bang their head against something/use the wrong lane, etc., and then we have to hear about how their lives as they know them are over. WHAT? What kind of sportsmanship is this? What kind of "he's almost 30 so this will surely be his last chance at glory" mentality is this?!?

And we're spreading it all over the world! 

Another aspect that I don't like is how we have to hear all about the tragedies. Oh the tragedy. Now I'm not devaluing the fact that people suffering or dying is a tragedy, but do I have to hear all about the personal, sad lives of this person just because they are skiing down a mountain or dancing on ice? I'm already all worked up that this is the defining moment of their lives, but now I have to worry about who she knows/loves/admires that has died recently. It's just too much.
And what has Bob Costas been wearing?? He usually dresses just fine for his other TV gigs, but man, the few times I've caught him, he's got on no less than four prints. It's too much!

Finally, I would like to direct my attention to Vancouver and the Olympics marketing department. What is up with the logo this year? And, the tag line! "With Glowing Hearts," really? That's all we could come up with? Glowing hearts! Not, one heart or competitive-once-in-a-lifetime heart, but glowing? That's terrible. 

Maybe we should just stick to the circles. And, while we're at it, why don't we rename the Olympics to: Trials and Failures of People With Unnatural Abilities and Expectations.

At least we viewers would know what we're getting ourselves into.