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Eric Clapton


Friends, we saw Eric Clapton. We saw him the night after Reba and George Strait. We had great seats. It was actually Chris' Christmas present come to fruition.

I'm been holding off on posting about it hoping that something witty comes to mind--some funny story or explanation about our night. But, people, we saw Eric Clapton.

There really is no anecdote or humorous story about seeing Eric Clapton. He's Eric Clapton.

He walked up on stage with some baggy, faded jeans; Sperry Top-Siders; and an over-sized shirt. That's it. He didn't introduce himself or say hi, he just started playing. And he played. And he played. After about the fourth song, he did say, "thank you very much." But that was about it. He knew why we were there, and so he played.

So there is no witty story or rendition about seeing Eric Clapton. He just played. And we sang and we chair danced because that's what you do when you see Clapton. And it was awesome.

P.S. I will say that he definitely didn't look like this anymore. But it's okay. He played.