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Easter 2010: Our first grown-up holiday


I'm considering Easter 2010 our first grown-up holiday. I think it's the first holiday Chris and I have spent with no other family. Usually, we're in Little Rock with mine or in Jackson, MS, with his. But this Easter, we stayed home and celebrated with just the two of us.

I was a little sad that we didn't go to Little Rock, but we were fortunate that we saw my entire family just a few weeks earlier.

So on Easter, Chris and I got dressed up and went to church. I had decreed days earlier that we would be having a picnic in the park after church to make me feel better about not being "home."

We packed a lunch of leftover salmon, couscous and roasted Brussels sprouts.  We loaded up our food, picnic accessories, Grace and headed out.

Thankfully it was a perfect day. Chris got us all set up.

Mom and Jack gave Chris this picnic set for Christmas, and this was the first time we used the entire set. It includes a little table, bottle holder and two glass holders. We had to bring champagne and glasses to test it out!

I was pretty happy once we got set up, got our food out and popped the champagne.

Chris enjoyed himself too.

Grace loved being at the park, and showed her excitement by chewing on sticks.

She can't get enough tree bark.

And, for dessert, I packed the last two cupcakes I had made the week before. I used a chocolate cake box, but then topped them with this amazing frosting by The Pioneer Woman. I'm not usually a frosting fan due to the tremendous amount of sugar, but this recipe is divine, and just sweet enough.

Grace really enjoyed her Easter.

"Do you see any more sticks, mom?"

"Thanks for staying in town and hanging out with me."

After we ate and drank until our hearts' content, and even took a little nap and played two games of backgammon, we headed home.

Easter 2010: Our first grown-up holiday: A success!

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