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Neighborly Love and Hot Wings


This Saturday, after I worked the farmers' market, we met up with our neighbors and went to the Southern Hot Wing Festival downtown.

Our neighbors after some good wings.

All the proceeds went to the Roland McDonald House here in Memphis. There were tons of tents with teams cooking hot wings, and you could go up to each one, give a small donation and get some wings. We had some really good ones, and some that burned my lips off. But it was fun, and the weather could not have been any better.

Look how happy and cute we look about hot wings!

After we ate all the wings we could, we went to Earnestine and Hazel's for some refreshments. Earnestine and Hazel's is a really old place in downtown that used to be a brothel, and has been used in lots of different movies. 

They had an open room that we sat in, which was pretty cool. 

 And then Chris wanted to go upstairs. Oh my it was scary. There were all these rooms and bathrooms, and any moment you just knew someone was going to jump out at you with a chain saw.

Note the scary bathtub...but at least there used to be non-slip flower stickers. That was thoughtful.

Scary hallway.

And this room. The owner/manager/all-knowing guy came upstairs and told  us all about the history of the place, and how now, late in the evening people come up here and play cards, etc. I'm not sure Chris fits in.

We decided our day-time trip to Earnestine and Hazel's was enough for us so we moved on. It was about time to eat again, so we headed to Huey's for some burgers. As if the hot wings didn't fill our fried and grease quota for the day.

The fun thing about Huey's is that you can shoot toothpicks on the ceiling.

Lots of people have accomplished it.

Nicole had good aim.

Sean had a secret straw loading technique.

Occasionally, the toothpicks would fall back to Earth and hit one of us, but we still have all our eyeballs.

I think Chris enjoyed his interactive dinner.


Also at Huey's, you can write on the wall. A lot of people do it. I didn't have my huge Sharpie in my purse, but I did write my name, albeit tiny, on the wall. So just in case my signature is worth something one day, you can find it here.