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A Saturday in New Orleans


So Saturday didn't bring anything quite as exciting as a marriage proposal, but we all had such a great day. 

We stood in line at Cafe Du Monte. This line looks long, but moves pretty fast.

 I clearly wasn't aware I was in this photo. I promise I wasn't as skeptical as I appear.

We're at the front of the line already!

Some of the ladies at breakfast. Fried dough and coffee really gets you going in the morning. 

Chris took this really pretty picture, and now it looks almost like Disney World to me.

After some fried dough and coffee. 

 There was a cat in one of the shops we perused. Chris made friends.

Good looking cat, and well positioned for some love. 

This is real. Seriously, I would never make this up. It's a snow globe in remembrance of Katrina. It's a house. In dirty water. With chairs, green stuff and glitter swirling around it. Thank God for the glitter. 

My cute husband.

Matt performing his new trick. 

Jenny and Darrin being all cute and engaged. Sorry about that pole Darrin.

Being cute again.

Matt being a photographer with his (Laura's) real camera. 

A stranger offered to take a photo of all of us. It does prove we were all there at least. 

Sarah and Charlie enjoying the city. 

We made Sarah try on these Harry Potter glasses. Notice the note on the mirror. We're rule breakers. 

Laura got some super cute, non-Harry-Potter glasses.

"I got your ear."

There was a street fair and I had to take a photo with this guy. Awesome!

The self portrait. 

Still engaged!

Me and some good-looking dudes.

Laura being all professional.

This truly happened. We went into a restaurant and found this guy. Note the shirt. He's ready to party. (And yes, I'm good at the secret photos.)


Having a snack. 

I made her do it!

But the ring is pretty!

Just kidding, we're in love.

Who knew I looked so cute on the street? No comments needed.

 And then there was this guy. We walked passed a bar, and there he was. At the bar. With a drink. And asleep. Oh, New Orleans. (p.s. It wasn't that late. Seriously. We're boring adults, and we weren't out that late.)

We popped in a pizzeria and had a snack. I think we're all still looking pretty cute! What a great night with friends!

But, maybe the highlight of the night was that Chris got a room key. From a group of bachelorettes. I went to the bathroom for two minutes and the man has a room key. Thankfully for me there were several Hiltons in the area so he could never have found them again. But they were in room 423...just in case. 

Oh, New Orleans.