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Father's Day



Father's Day morning I took Chris to the airport so he could board a plane and be gone all week. *yeah* Note: the * mark my sarcasm.
I left him at the airport, went home, got ready for my day and packed up Grace to hit the road. We were headed to Little Rock to see my family for Father's Day. YEAH. 
Note: see, no *. 
We visited with Mom and Jack and Jenny and Thad. Well, mostly I did. Grace was a good girl and stayed at the guest house. 
When Jenny and Thad arrived, Thad surprised me with a gift. He brought me a tripod for my new camera. I love it! 

We were able to get family photos, and everyone was able to be in them.

It's got so many knobs and levels that I've got a lot to learn, but I am so happy to have it!

So glad I made the trip home on Father's Day!