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The Poop Issue


I'm apologizing now because this post is about poop. 

Not actual poop, but the issue of poop. 

Our neighborhood is obsessed with the poop issue. There are signs everywhere about poop. 

Some signs are very clear and offer bags for easy cleanup. 

Other signs offer more details in case it's confusing to you. They also add some graphics to make sure you know what they are talking about. 

One neighbor has this sign, which thankfully is small, but a little too graphic for my taste. 

 This is possibly a homemade sign. I find that disturbing. Every time we pass this one, I tell Chris that I would rather have poop in my yard than this sign. 

Do you think it's homemade?

This sign is supplied by our HOA I think. It's not as disturbing to me. There is no true poop depiction, and the dog is not in a compromising position.

But this one my friends takes the cake. It's a garden flag. With a very true-to-life poop depiction and the bright red X really seals the tacky factor for me. 

I mean come on people!

And, yes. Chris was mortified that I stopped to take photos of poop signs during our little adventure.