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What Hapens When...


When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working?

  1. First you wonder if it just got really hot that day, and it's not cooling down quickly. 
  2. Then, later than night when you return from dinner, and the house is 89 degrees inside, you realize it's broken. 
  3. First thing the next morning, you call your home warranty company to file a claim...on a Sunday. 
  4. Then you wait. 
  5. Then nothing happens. 
  6. And it gets hotter. 
  7. By Monday, you're so hot that you call the warranty company and the designated repair company 6-7 times, each. Just to let them know that it is TRULY 89 degrees inside your house. 
  8. Then you wait. 
What Happens When It's 89 Degrees Inside Your House?
  1. You stop cooking. 
  2. You eat a lot of watermelon.
  3. You sweat sitting still. 
  4. You develop pimples from the sweat from sitting still.
  5. You refuse to blowdry your hair. 
  6. You close all window blinds in an effort to block out the sun's hot rays. 
  7. You sit in the dark because even the heat from light bulbs is too much. 
  8. You find your animals laying stretched completely out on hard surfaces. Even the counter island, and you really can't blame them. You think you might try it.
  9. You take a cold shower for fun. 
  10. You take a shower in the dark. Refer to #7
  11. You sit outside because it's actually cooler. 
  12. You close every door in an effort to keep each room's hot air to itself.
  13. You stand in front of the thermostat and contemplate the fact that it can actually display the digits 89 degrees.
  14. You go to Lowe's and buy a KUL unit and install it in your bedroom. 
  15. You can't believe you have cooled air again. 
  16. You never leave your bedroom. 
And so, here I sit in our dark bedroom with un-blown hair, a belly full of watermelon and still slightly sweating.
We would have called our own repairman before it got to this, but the house is still under warranty, and who wants to pay for something when they don't have to? 

I guess people who enjoy an air conditioned house where they don't have to sit in the dark with nasty hair, sweating with their animals.