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With Family on The Fourth


Chris and I visited his folks for the Fourth of July. I actually worked the Farmers' Market that morning, and we left that afternoon. 

I decided I would try to take some photos of the trip down there. Turns out there isn't much between Memphis and Ridgeland, MS, but here's what I got. 

We ran into Pookie, well Pookie2

We debated on how to pronounce this one. 

Thought about stopping to see The Pope in his Court Land, but figured there would be a line.

Came across a very grateful person.

Thought about stopping for some coffee, but we pressed onward.

And we finally got there to see his folks!

Keesha was happy to see us, but not our camera. For some reason she is terrified of cameras, and although mine doesn't look like my other point-and-shoot, she was still scared. We managed to get this one by placing the camera on my lap and using the screen to secretly snap it.

It was really nice weather, and we spent most of our time outside.

I tried for another secret photo, but my angle was all off. You can see their pretty landscaping though!

Chris and his dad.

"Hey Mom. I'm being good."

Papa Cook showing Chris he's still the boss. 

I'm shocked!

Papa Cook pulled out his camera back, and we rummaged through it.

Turns out he has a very nice Hasselblad camera.  They are most known for being used in space. You can read about it here.

Yes, my friends. That is film.

Chris liked seeing all the camera stuff.

We also met Larry, the Cooks' neighbor. Larry likes to drink cranberry Smirnoff (vodka premixed with Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice in a 250-ml bottle), listen to country music and share his cucumber salad. We love Larry. 

We enjoyed a lot of good cooking while we were there.

I think most of our pictures together are in the kitchen, and I love it!

I think we all had a great weekend. 
Don't let this scary/unfortunate/bug-eyed picture of Chris and me tell you any differently.

I've clearly lost my gift for the self portrait on my new camera.