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The Car Wash Incident


Yesterday I washed my car in one of those drive-through, automatic car washes. I had just gotten gas, and I selected to add in a car wash. 

I pulled into the car wash, and about the time the pre-soak mister started, I noticed my gas cap door was open. I was pretty sure that the force of the car wash might break off the entire door, and so I fretted. 

I decided that I would have to close it. 

I climbed from the driver's seat into the backseat and got my barrings. I watched the mister as it rounded the car, and when the sprayer was on the complete opposite side of the car, I threw open the back door, reached my hand out and slammed the little door shut. 

Whew! So exciting. 

I climbed back into the driver's seat and just as I was fixing the seat settings again, I heard the door pop back open as the sprayer blasted it with water. 

"What in the world," I thought. My gas cap door has a lock on it, and I've never had this problem before.

I couldn't stand the thought of my little door being ripped off, so I crawled in the backseat again.

I eyed the sprayer, and when it was completely on the opposite side of the car, I threw the door open, reached my hand out and slammed the door shut again. But it didn't close all the way. 

I realized that since I had forgotten to close the little door after I filled the tank that the car had automatically locked the door when I drove to the car wash. However, the lock was now stuck out and inhibiting the door from closing. 
"So there's really nothing I can..."

Sprayed in the face with the soapy cycle of the car wash. 
Yellow, pink and blue goo in my face, in my hair and all over my clothes. 

I had been contemplating all of this with the door still open and my hand out. 

One of the holes in the sprayer was exactly at eye level, and I had a ton of chemical goo in my eye. 

"What if I lose my eye in a car wash incident," I thought. 

Thankfully the little voice in my head screamed, "SHUT THE DOOR, STUPID." 

I found myself covered in soapy goo in the backseat of my car as the wash ended. There was really nothing else to do other than crawl up in the front seat, grab the baby wipes from my glove box and try to salvage the health of my eye. My clothes and hair were already too far gone. 
So don't open your door in a car wash. It's never going to turn out well.