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Our Sunday Adventure


Sunday morning Chris and I decided to go on a little fishing trip. North of us in a large national park, and there are a few lakes there that you can fish. 

Note that we had never been there, but we had heard about it. 
We found lots of agricultural fields along the way. 

We found pretty canopies of trees.

 But still no lake. 

We began to feel a little lost and definitely in the country. One good sign you're in the country is when the road signs are more descriptive than anything else. 

Herring Hill and Riverbluff. 

But we continued on. The forest was very pretty and a nice scenery change from the city.

Then we stumbled on the Mississippi River. Been there, done that, but we couldn't fish there, so we continued driving.

And driving and driving. We finally pulled into a parking lot, and decided to hike down a little trail. 

Look! A lake!!

We really didn't feel like hiking back to the car to come back and fish, so we just took in the scenery and enjoyed it.

We continued our drive, and found another spot that had a wildlife rehabilitation area, and this guy. I hope he gets well soon.

We also found a boat dock and another fishing lake. But we decided that our fishing trip had turned into a Sunday adventure, and they was just fine with us.

Maybe we'll strike out in a different direction next week, and see what we can find!