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Farming It


This past weekend, we invited Matt and Laura to the farm with us. 

Here are some of my favorite photos. 

Laura and Mom

We spent some time in the cave, and Laura found something!

Matt got the camera on it for closer inspection.

It was a wolly bugger. 

Then Laura got a lift to sit on a shelf in the cave. 

Matt and Laura on more stable ground.

Laura and me. We're even cute in a cave!

We ventured to the creek on the property. 

The water was so low we could wade across most parts of it. 

I think they liked it there. 

So do we!

And then we got out our fishing poles. 

Matt caught a fish!

Then we checked on the cows. 

Just as cowy as ever. 

And the chickens.

And the rooster, Sheryl Crow. 

Him with his ladies. 

Then the mood hit him and he needed to crow.

We peeked in the chicken coop for eggs. 

Matt found the hidey-hole !

And the dogs needed some love. Love this picture!

And we finally met baby Emily. 

Laura had some words to the llamas to make sure they were friendly. 

And we ate and drank the rest of the night. 

Laura was very diligent with her photography duties. 

Did I mention that we ate and drank?

"We have a whole other day and a half with these people?"

"Just kidding. We love y'all!"

Every time my mom and I get together, there is at least one shot like this. 

Laura figured out how to run my camera's interval timer. 

And the pool table was delivered while we were there so we were sure to break it in.

The last night we made pizzas!

In the pizza oven!

The guys helped assemble. 

And I took "artistic" photos.

It was a wonderful weekend, and we're already talking about when we can do it again. Saturday we went canoeing and fishing, but Laura has all the fish pictures. So this is a To Be Continued...