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One in a Million


Chris and I have been attending wedding events this weekend for our friends Jenny and Darrin, and I have lots of photos to share. 

But while I'm editing them, let me hold you over with this: 

This is the hood of a car that was parked in a deck downtown with us this weekend. Chris and I had seen this car before, but I didn't have my camera. Thankfully, I was toting my camera that night, and knew I had to get a shot of this "One in a Million" car. 

You'll notice that the driver/owner of the car is sitting inside it. I walked up to the car, which was running, waved, pointed to my camera and his car, and then gave a thumbs-up sign. 

Now I'm not sure if he saw any of this because his windshield was really tinted. (I had to lighten the photo to be able to see him in it, and then I could also see the Harley Davidson seat covers.) Nevertheless, I whipped out my camera and took his photo. Well, the car's hood's photo really. It pays tribute to several dead musical performers from the past decade or so. Obviously because they are "One in a Million."

I'm not sure what he's going to do when musical entertainers he likes continue to die. Maybe move to the sides of the car? Maybe onto the windshield? 

Either way, thanks to this guy for knowingly or unknowingly allowing me to take his photo.

He's "One in a Million" to me.