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This past weekend was Darrin and Jenny's wedding, and the night before, they had a rehearsal dinner party at the Southern Folklore Center downtown. It was a really nice evening with yummy barbecue, a blues singer and an overall fun vibe.

They asked if I would be sure to bring my camera to capture the night in all its glory. And capture I did. 

I took a lot of shots that night, and I'm first sharing the ones that probably won't  make it inside a fancy, leather-bound wedding album. Aren't these the ones everyone really wants to see?


Cliff loves to rock out.

There were two videographers, and they were dedicated to filming everything.

Seriously, they were everywhere! 

Chris had to get some love from the bride-to-be. 

Who is that guy behind this cute brother/sister duo?

Sometimes babies make funny faces when they cry.

Proof of the yummy barbecue!

There really was plenty for everyone.

If only the video guy had turned around.

Such a range of emotions.

Elbow of video guy's woman assistant/wife. Everywhere I tell you!

I've got to learn to keep my tongue in my mouth.

Teeth check!

 Was this an arranged marriage?

Look! They are friends!

Was I preparing for a ho-down?

A little comedy act.

It really was a happy occasion.

Darby's coat was shiny, and Laura LOVED it.

It's okay to laugh out loud.

Further antics ensued.

Maybe the best one all night. 

Nope. This one is. 

 "Can we all focus, and get it together? I'm getting married tomorrow!"