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Saturday Afternoon


After our World of Olives Tour, we headed to a cute spot for lunch. It was called The Leaning Pear, and it had a festive fall scene. Photo opt!!
Don't they look happy together?

After we ordered our lunch, we took the down time to take pictures together. 

 And we had some wine with lunch, and it inspired me to take an artsy photo of it in its natural environment.

After lunch, we drove to Driftwood Winery, and on the way, saw this sign. We thought we might pop in and try our luck, but wine sounded more appealing. 

The winery had a tasting bar where you got a sip of several different varietals. 

After our tasting, we decided upon our favorite and took a bottle outside to the amazing grounds. There was an extensive bluff that overlooked the vineyards below, and there were lots of places to sit with little tables placed all around. It was really pretty, and we spent quite a bit of time sitting outside, sipping our wine and enjoying each others company. 

Yes, this is how we enjoy each others company:

And the normal way too:

We stayed until the sun began to set. Thankfully the weather was perfect, and we could just hang out together.

I think this is why people own wineries.