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More Christmas


I let my build-up to our Christmas decorating wane, and now you probably don't care. But, here it is anyway. 
I moved somethings around this year, and added a few new pieces. 
This is our sideboard in the dining room this year.

I put all of our glass pieces together, and purchased a few new ones from Hobby Lobby, and made a collection. That's the biggest Martha Stewart lesson: instead of having glass items (or whatever) all over the house, put them together to highlight a collection. It's Martha Dramatic. 
You can also see that I used ornaments we already had. My grandmother had given me a set of all clear and gold ornaments and balls. Some years I put them on our tree, but this year, I decided to use them as a collection. Martha Dramatic. 

The red fabric is actually napkins. I used them last year for Christmas dinner. Put them all together! Martha Dramatic.

Here you can see a few of the glass items. The center piece is a vase, to the right a martini glass and to the left is a piece I bought at Hobby Lobby for 60% off. And, yes. That's glitter. Red glitter that I filled the glass with. Did you know Martha loves glitter too?

Here you can see my Christmas People? It's not Christmas without them, and you can see a few other ornaments I included. The gold balls of course, and that's a snowman sitting on the red fabric. It's difficult to see, but there's also a snowman in the small glass. Collections, people!

Oh there he is! And yes. He's sitting in glitter.

Behind our front door is a nook, and this year I put our little tree there. Last year it was on the sideboard.

With the tree is a ceramic Santa Clause

And a set of carolers.  All from my grandmother. 

On the little tree, I put some of our smaller ornaments, and my all-time favorites: my gnomes. Yes. Also from my grandmother. I LOVE them and their personalities.

How can you resist that belly?

And our big tree. Right in the window where everyone can see it. 

These are two of my favorite ornaments on our big tree. Again from my grandmother. They are both the nativity scene, but I mostly love the details. You can't find ornaments like that anymore.

And our mantel with stockings. The Allison and Chris stockings were made by my grandmother!
hi Grace. 

So that's the inside of our Christmas house. 

I think I have to say thank you to Jenny. My grandmother!!!

It would be pretty bare without all her stuff.