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My New Work Space


I am a very fortunate girl who gets to work from home.

With that means I need an office.

This is the office I have been working in.

Oh, and there's a dead duck on the other wall that you can't see here.

Is it ok? Yes. Does it have any of my things in it?


But why, you might ask, don't I pull all of Chris' stuff out of that room and turn it into a girlie paradise? Because I'm a really good wife.

Instead of trying to find some way to share, stylistically and spatially,  the same work room with my husband, I moved out.

Not of the house entirely. Just of the office.

Does this show a weakness in our marriage that we couldn't come to a compromise on sharing an 11X11 square-foot room?

I say no.

I say that it shows we're realistic. AND that I'm an awesome wife.

My idea was to leave the man cave to Chris--even though he has an office outside of our house--and I would transform my nook downstairs.

This was the original nook, which was already kind of designated as mine. Note there is no dead duck in sight.

**thanks to Laura, again, for taking these photos for me while my lens is in the shop**

Now, did I ever really sit in this lovely reading nook and gaze out the window? Only sometimes. 

So I decided I would turn this into my work space. 

Thankfully, I know a talented lady who can make some furniture. I've mentioned her before. And, I requested a table to be made.

Not long after we decided on the measurements, and the paint color--the same paint as our interior trim--my new desk showed up!

Chris was conveniently out of town, and so Laura's very nice husband Matt moved the huge chair upstairs for me. 

Then it looked a little sparse, but I knew it was the perfect canvas for my new office.

Thankfully, my mom came to see me, while Chris was still out of town, and we went shopping!

Introducing my new work space!

Mom and I found the perfect chair, tray and lamp. 

 Can you see how the colors of the chair match my art and my rug? I also turned the rug around so it defines the space better. 

Yes, that's a cat scratch wave on the floor under the desk, and you can see Grace there too. 
And, the brown bookcase behind my new chair holds my work binders, printer, etc.

Here's a good shot of the chair so you can see the fabric, and you can see Porter complements the undertones perfectly.

The animals approve, and I'm loving my new space!

It's nice being downstairs, and I love having all the windows. Upstairs there was only one.

So me and the animals are getting back to work.

But what about Chris' man cave? 

Stay tuned...
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