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Birthday bowling


March 15 is a big day in our house. It's Christopher's birthday! AND it's also our friend Laura's birthday. How often do you find birthday twinkies? They are one year apart in age. Laura and Jenny came up with the idea of getting everyone together for some birthday bowling fun. 

I had to make a party out of it, of course!

Jenny helped me sneak in some Muddy's cupcakes, and I outfitted the birthday duo with blow horns, blinking pins, candles and a banner. They each had to hold up two fingers to make their candles read correctly.

I think birthday wishes made inside bowling alleys will certainly come true. 

Then it was time to play! Kendra started out strong. 

The birthday girl had a cute pink bowling ball. 

I love these next three. Darrin, Matt and Jenny struck very serious poses before throwing their balls.

All Kendra had to do was flash her smile, and her ball took out all the pins. 

The boys team. 

Oops. Missed one of them. The complete boys team. I do have to say that we've got some pretty good-looking guys. 

Now for the girls. Pretty darn cute too. 

Matt thought his beloved wife Mary Elizabeth might need some pointers in her game. 

Ah, ha. Nice move. 

Chris was inspired and decided he would try to grab the ball as I swung it back. Thankfully, no one lost any teeth. Can you see my hair swinging? I was really going to launch that ball! 

Antonio's lucky green shirt and matching ball were the secret to his game. 

I think they win the cutest couple photo of the night. 

At the beginning of the games, I decided I would take each person's photo when they got a strike. Turns out our group was pretty good. Watch this slideshow of all the "strike a pose" strikes.

Sometimes, when you're really good at bowling, you can get three strikes in a row. Can you guess what it's called? 


I think a good time was had by all. Especially me and my birthday guy.