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River Watch 2011: The Crest


We survived the river's crest!

Hopefully, we can put all of this flood behind us soon; although, the water is projected to remain at this high level until June. 

Here are the last flood photos I hope to post for a very long time. 

This is not safe. That water is moving incredibly fast, and it's nasty.

Another smart pair.

This is an eye-level shot of the road build up. The car is not driving on the build-up, as it appears. We're still down to one lane each way.

That's the bike stand that I stood in front of for my shots for so many days. 

We've had LOTS of helicopter activity. News, police, just people with helicopters seeing the sights.

We watched this one land on the other side of the roundabout! 

Proof that surveyors did their jobs and plotted our safety with the river's rise.

Another kayaker in the water!

And, I'll leave you with the view. It's a good day on the island.