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Ode to old friends


So long old friend. 

You've been with us for six years, and you've held many an important person. 

But recently, you've given out a little, and that's okay. You're getting older. 

And, truth be told, you and your friends never really fit in well with our new house. I'm not saying it was a color issue but...

And, so while we're sad to see you go, we'll remember you like our friend Charlie did: "I've never seen a table foster so many long conversations." So true, my friend. 

As you and your friends are leaving to go live in the attic (except your truly broken brother who is out by the trash), please pass along some wisdom of the ages to the new folks.

We want to be sure they keep your memory alive and host lots of long conversations and delicious meals. 

We think they'll fit into the family nicely because it appears we found a long lost cousin of Coffee Table. They both seem to have similar features.

So here's to you, six-year-old dining room set from Sam's. May the attic treat you kindly, and may your replacements uphold your honor.