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Farm Food


We spent the Fourth of July weekend at the farm. And, instead of showing you more photos of alpacas, llamas and dogs, I'm going to show you food!

Right after I show you one photo of a dog. 

And a photo of a sad, trapped down. 

A dog who chooses to trap himself by the fan by squeezing through the fence. 

Now, back to the food. 

This is the bounty of food we brought back from the farm. 

Lots of lettuces, onions and cherry tomatoes.

Yellow squash, green bell peppers and cucumbers. 

And meat! The best part about having an all grass-fed black angus cattle ranch is the beef. Let's just be honest. Pretty cuts of beef. 

Ground beef too!

So, what am I to do with all of this fresh food? Here's what I did Monday night when we got home.  I had two chicken breasts that were already grilled. I chose these veggies and chopped them up. 

Then I threw them in a skillet with some cumin, chili powder and cayenne for fajitas!

Stay tuned for my next dish with my farm food!