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Our weekend according to my new iphone 4s


We had an eventful weekend! 

Friday afternoon, I received my new iPhone 4s. I was using the original 3G, so this was a huge leap forward for me. As an ode to my new phone, all of the photos on this post were taken with it, using the  Instagram app. 

Friday night we saw these guys. 

Saturday morning, we met up with Chris' sister and her family for Bryce's baptism. We were thrilled to be asked to be his Godparents. 

On our way back from Little Rock, we decided to take a few detours. I had seen a cemetery in Carlisle, AR, that looked really interesting. It may sound weird, but I enjoy visiting cemeteries. I think roaming through the old graves and learning bits about people's lives is interesting. Here are some interesting shots I took in Carlisle. 

We even found some possible family members. 

Then we decided to head south just a little bit to Slovak, AR. Chris was baptized at the church there and his grandmother is buried there. On the way, we ran into this guy. 

Thankfully, he didn't run us off the road, and we arrived safely. 

Here's Chris' grandmother's headstone. 

I like this shot. It feels very southern to me. 

Here's the front of the church. Unfortunately, it was locked, and so we weren't able to get inside. 

Finally, after our wandering, we made it home, and this guy was happy to see us.