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Showering Sarah


A few weeks ago, Jenny, Laura and I co-hosted a baby shower for Sarah. We held it at ArtJamN, a paint-your-own canvas studio. We were able to bring in our own food, and we had a spread of confetti rice krispie treats, lemon drop cupcakes and caramelized onion dip with veggies and chip. 

We also had rainbow fruit skewers and pasta salad skewers. We wanted everything to be hand-held for easy painting. You can also see the cute invite, and the table runner, which matched. 

Here's the mom-to-be as her friends began to arrive like Dana. 

Jenny, one of my co-hosts.

There was some serious conversation going on here.

But Kendra was still all smiles. 

Someone tell me to stop crinkling my nose when I laugh!

Before we began painting, each of us signed a note to the baby, and the instructor told us how everything was going to go. 

I think Sarah enjoyed herself. 

We played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would start the painting. 

The group began with the sky.

The canvas was so large that several of us could paint at once.

We painted the sky blue all over the canvas. 

The instructor had already outlined a design with a texture. 

Laura and Kendra worked on the grass area. 

Fun times!

All of a sudden, the painting really came together. 

Dana was in charge of the red leaves. 

How pretty is this?!?!

There's a heart cut into the tree, and there's a little bird on the branch. 

Sarah is going to hang it in Baby's nursery. I kind of want it to hang in my house!

Here's the group in our aprons. 

And one without aprons. 

I think everyone really had fun, and Sarah got a one-of-a-kind piece of art out of the deal.