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Quick kitchen tip: Freeze in measurements


I've developed a kitchen tip that I want to share. 

I am freezing foods in measurements. I have been making stock for a while, and I would freeze it all together in one large container; however, when I would need just a cup, I would have to deal with thawing the entire container. 

So now I freeze in measurements. 

For example, this ramekin is 1 cup. I know because I took a measure cup filled with water and poured it in the rameken to confirm. 

Each individual hole in this ice tray is 2 tablespoons. 

Now, when I make stock, I pour it into these different sizes and freeze the containers. When the stock is completely frozen, I pop it out and put it in a labeled bag in the freezer. It's super easy to then grab a cup or tablespoon when I need it. 

I have also used this method with tomato paste. 

Tomato paste comes in 6 ounces, but most recipes I use call for just one tablespoon or so. 

I take the remaining tomato paste and using a tablespoon scoop out individual tablespoons onto a cookie sheet. I place the cookie sheet full of tablespoons of tomato paste in the freezer. 

When everything is froze, I throw them in a labeled bag. Easy to grab a tablespoon's worth!

You could use this method with a ton of other things I'm sure. Any other ideas?

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