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Laundry Room Redo


This was my laundry room before. 

Basic. Boring. 

Got the job done.

This is my new laundry room!

Chris built the new shelves and replaced the light fixture. Sorry you can't see that part. 

He painted the door with chalkboard paint.

And made the board and batten on the opposite wall from the washer and dryer.

He even added hooks.

Porter got a custom-made food and water bowl holder.

And, we replaced the old purple rug that was here. 

The very bottom shelf is a decorative shelf, and I'm working on what to put there. 

I've had this mosaic birdhouse forever, and I put some clothes pins in a jar. Anything is cute in a jar. 

Then I have this reed scent jar, a candle and a picture frame. I feel like I need more consistency. What's something cute for my shelf to tie everything together??