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Chris caught it; She sketched it


You may have read here about how I had a homeowner victory about finding an affordable slipcover for our sofa. Well that's not the only upgrade our living room has received recently. 

Last August, Chris and Jack went fishing on the Missouri River in Montana. During that trip, Chris caught a very large fish. For Christmas, Mom and Jack had that fish commissioned in watercolor to scale by the artist Sketch and Release. She takes measurements from photos of fish and recreates them to scale in a piece of art. 

Chris received his sketch a little time after Christmas, and I wanted it to be framed soon so we wouldn't mess it up. 

Here it is while I was choosing the matte and frame. 

Here it is hanging over our newly slipcovered couch!

On the piece of art, the artist captures the details such as: 23 inch rainbow trout caught by Christopher Cook at the Missouri River in Montana on August 14, 2011. 

I think it looks great!

But what happened to the artwork that was hanging above our couch? They were exiled to the downstairs guest bathroom. 

Here's one more of the fish!