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We have a nursery!


Welcome to Everett's nursery!

 Chris took the initials from my Little Rock shower and made a door hanging.

This door hanger was on my nursery. The backside tells you to be quiet because the baby's sleeping. Let's hope we use that side a lot. 

It's the magical chair!!

And the crib with the bedding wall decals.

And the changing table...

With a cat on it. I know this can't continue, but dang it's cute. Chris is going to stain the top frame to match the crib.

The bumpers, which we won't really use until he gets a bit older, are two sided. I chose to put the owl side on the inside so E could see it. 

Here's a side table that Chris made. He's going to stain the top to match the crib and paint the bottom white. 

We even put little birds on the closet doors.

Speaking of the closet....whoah. Still some work to do in there. 

 We do have the car seat, which I think is pretty cute, and the blue trashcan is what we are using for a diaper pail. I looked several places to find a pretty colored trashcan, and this blue matched perfectly. 

Also notice the curtains. They are 99% noise reducing and blackout curtains. They really work too!

So that's a snap shot of the nursery!