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Lost Spoon Found


This is Spoon. It's one of Everett's favorite toys.  


He has had Spoon practically his entire life, and it always makes him happy. If he is bored with something else, give him Spoon.  


Even if he has another toy, he probably still wants Spoon. 

This video is a bit long, but seriously y'all. He LOVES Spoon!

So it wasn't unusual that we took Spoon on a walk with us yesterday. Heck, I've taken Spoon to restaurants with us before.  

The entire walk, I kept looking down in the stroller, and telling E what a good job he was doing holding on to Spoon. We walked and we walked, and he was just talking and waving Spoon for the world to see.  

Then I got this idea that maybe I could find a rug from Pier 1 I had my eye on for cheaper online. So I pulled out my phone to search.  

Yes, parenting and phones don't go well together.  

We continued to walk a while longer while I easily and conveniently browsed Amazon on my phone. We made it home and when I went to get E out of the stroller, Spoon wasn't there.  

I thought for a second about saying, "Well, it's been fun, Spoon." But I couldn't do it.  

So we backtracked our entire walk, and sure enough, a few blocks from the house, there was Spoon. Abandoned on the sidewalk where he had fallen or been thrown from the stroller.  

I think I was even happier to see Spoon than E, but I'm pretty sure he appreciated me finding it.