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Everett is 11 months old!


I promise the posts on the new house will begin next, but there's nothing more important than this 11-month-old boy.  

I will say that this month's photo shoot was the worst.....of the entire almost year. 

First, I didn't have any chalk. I left my little bucket of chalk at our Island Shore house for the new owners to use on the chalkboard door. Nice? Extremely. Helpful when I already had everything set up for the shoot, no.  

So there's no month on the sign. However, it probably didn't matter because the props didn't even last through the first photo. 



He loves Mos the Monkey. Mos because he is our monthly monkey! 

I tried to re-engage him, but I got this. 


So I made a few last attempts. 


And we descended into this. 


So without further ado, here are 11 new facts about Everett. 

  1. He is brave enough to crawl into rooms without us. He will crawl past our sightline and explore on his own. 
  2. He is eating stew meat, black eyed peas and green peas.  
  3. He wants his veggies and meat heated and on a plate. Not cold on his high chair tray.  
  4. He crawls so fast and so deliberate that he has bruises on his knees.  
  5. He can stand on his own, but he doesn't know it. He will pull himself up on something with an item in each hand and bang the items on a surface, while standing. If he weren't doing 100 things at once, he would probably see that he could stand up unassisted. 
  6. If you ask him, "What does a dog say?" He starts barking. Well he starts saying, "wooof boof boof" repetitively. He also makes the same noise when Grace enters the room or when she barks at the UPS/lawn men/children walking down the street.   
  7. He announces Chris' arrival with a good "Da Da!" He uses this noise for other things as well, but it's very intended when Chris comes home.  
  8. He loves meat! Chicken, stew meat, veal, liver. If I give him meat first, he will eat all of it and want more and more and more! He will still eat and enjoy fruits and veggies, but meat is his favorite.  
  9. He prefers to crawl with an item in each hand. We tell him it would easier to have your hands free, but he doesn't listen. 
  10. He sleeps fully without a sleep sack. We have swaddled him his entire life in one form or the other: miracle blanket, wrap-style swaddle and zip-up Woombie. He has always been a great sleeper, and I attribute that to the fact that we have kept him swaddled. It kept those jerky, floating and out-of-control hands and legs controlled and they weren't allowed to wake him up. But he is a big boy now, and he is doing great without any sleep sack at all! 
  11. He thinks it's funny to crawl away from you if you are trying to get him. It's hilarious. He will crawl as hard and as fast as he can, and then look back to see if you're still after him. The best part is that he is laughing hysterically the entire time. Awesome kid.