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On the second day of school


E's first day of school is laid in my previous post below. The next day, he started coughing.

I have said that you can tell the kids that are in daycare with lots of other kids because they have the daycare cough. It's constant. Mostly dry. Like kennel cough with dogs. No judgement. It just happens. However, I hadn't expected it to happen after one day. Six hours. So I made a mental note to monitor it. 

The second day, I told him we were going to school and got this response. 

Not feeling so great about the day, huh? 

When we got to the building, he began waving and saying goodbye. Maybe he thought we had just dropped by to say goodbye and leave immediately? 

When I handed him over to his teacher, he gave me that terrible sad, about to cry face, where every feature melts together and turns downward. I shed a few tears as I got in my car to leave, but I felt better than the first day. 

I drug Chris with me for pickup. He hadn't seen the place or met the teachers so this was a good time to do those things. When we got there, his teacher said he didn't eat lunch, but he did drink his milk. Also, he slept an hour on his nap mat. I'm so impressed with this napping! It may just be that the stress of his day easily puts him to sleep, but I'm still happy he is sleeping nonetheless. While his teacher was telling me this, E was telling Chris "go, go." Like a zillion times. 

We got it, buddy. We are leaving. 

I fed him when we got home, and all was right with the world again. 

Until the runny nose started. Along with the cough from the previous day. Now the nose was running. 

By the next day, the nose was out of control. Streaming down his poor face. And Lord help you if you were near him when he coughed and sneezed. You needed a bath towel to clean up the snot. Gross but true.

So after 12 total hours, 2 visits, to school, he was sick. Awesome. 

By the third day, he was still super sick with puffy red eyes and an overall miserable look to him. 

Then boom. I got it. 

Tomorrow is the third day of school, and we are skipping. I've got to get him completely well before I throw him back in the pit with the lions, the germ-filled, pint-sized children lions. 

Is this when I order his bubble?