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Decorating the tree


Thanksgiving to New Year's Day seems like a super busy and fun blur. I took so many photos over those weeks, that it's difficult to know where to start. 

Let's back up to decorating for Christmas. We got a real tree, and we were worried that E was going to be very interested in it, possibly tearing the entire thing down within minutes. 

But he never really touched it. He walked around it, talked to it, pointed at it, but never tried to bring the entire thing down. Success!

Here's a slideshow of us (Mostly Chris) decorating the tree. Click the photo to advance the slides.

Once the tree was done, I thought it was time for some family selfies. Now, I was taking selfies before there was a word for it. I've always been really good at self portraits on my phone, and some of the best photos of Chris and me are ones that I took from my phone. I knew using my big camera would be more challenging, and capturing all three of us would be even more difficult, but I was up for the challenge. 

I started with E and me, then Chris and me, and finally got one of all three of us. I'm telling you. It's a talent! 

And yes, you'll notice in many of the photos that we decorated the tree and took selfies while playing with Spoon.

He's really a part of the family too.