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E turns two!


For Everett's second birthday, I wanted to do a party where the kids had something to do. I also wanted E to recognize what the party was all about. So i did trains! He is in love with all things train. He had several trains already, but Chris and I decided to get him tracks for his birthday gift.

I set them up the night before his party. I was pretty happy with my creations. 

And here's his reaction when we woke up the day of his party.

I wanted to make a couple of train stations so the kids would have plenty of space to play. I set up a big track on the coffee table and a smaller one on E's play table. Each kid was given a train and a conductor hat when they arrived, and they got to take them home as favors. It would have been great to get all the kids together, wearing their hats and holding their new trains, but it was a toddler party so that never happened. Thankfully there were some younger kiddos who would cooperate.

We dressed E in overalls to go with his conductor hat. The hat lasted while he was drinking, but it soon came off.

He did wholeheartedly agree with the snacks.

For the snacks, I did most things in the shape of a train.

We had lots of friends come play with us!

When it came time to sing Happy BIrthday, E smiled and laughed and even sang along.

Then he gave everyone a round of applause!

And, as always, our swing set was worth the price of the house. Babies swinging in hats!

However, Henry was unimpressed with Chris' photo bomb.