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A learning moment


Our front yard has a nice flat space to play but it does turn into a hill toward the sidewalk.  

I tell E not to run down the steep hill part but to walk to the smaller sloping area. I'm afraid he will get going down the steep part and fall face first.  

The other day, we were playing outside, and he started to run toward the steep down slope. I asked him to stop, and told him not to go to the steep part.  

He turned around and said, "I need to try, Maaw (mom)." 

That kinda burst in my brain, and I realized I was the one who needed to try. Try to not be afraid. Try to let him grow and learn new things. He may fall doing it, but he needs to learn all things. I surely don't want to be the one standing in his way. 

So I told him yes. You do need to try, baby. And there he went, unscathed and laughing down the steep part of the yard.