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Friends at the farm


The stars all aligned and all of our favorite friends were able to leave their children behind, us included, and head to my family's farm for a long weekend. Man, was it awesome. We ate, drank, talked, kissed alpacas and llamas, shot skeet, ate, drank, talked, etc.

I took my camera with all intentions of documenting the entire weekend, but alas I seemed to be too busy driving the Ranger, walking in caves and off-roading in a pickup truck to take many photos.

So I'm cheating and sending you to Laura's blog. She spent a lot of time taking photos for us, and her post is an awesome telling of our time together. Go here and read all about it!

Here are some photos I did manage to take during our co-ed skeet-shooting adventure.

And I got some photos of Darrin's AmeriCanadian cake in celebration of his U.S. citizenship that day!