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Friends Christmas


Another post that is out of the time slot here is our amazing Christmas with our friends and their kiddos. 

With a bunch of kids, two and under, there is no formal sit down time where everyone eats. We all take turns and eat in shifts, but that's the fun of it. 

I didn't get too many real photos, but the gift opening and excited kids made it wonderful. 



Henry will be up and jumping soon enough. 



Henry doesn't understand why the big kids are back on the floor when he just figured how to get up. 

And sometimes you just can't reach what your heart desires. 

This was our most fun Christmas event because of all the kids. There is just nothing like the holidays through a kid's eyes. 

E was in no mood to sit with the rest of the kids for a photo, but this is the only shot I have of Thomas. Thankfully he was happy to be held and not on the floor in the middle of the chaos.