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Pumpkin Patch


Nothing like a pumpkin patch to bring back a blog!

It was really bright, and of course, the one time we didn't have E's sunglasses, he wanted them. So he traded off between mine and Chris'.

These wagons were available onsite, and they were great for hauling pumpkins and kids!

There were lots of animals to feed, and Everett wasn't scared at all to put his hand full of corn in the fence.

Happy farm boy!

I don't know the last photo E and I had together, so I'm really happy that we got several good ones on this trip.

Thanks, Jenny, for a great family shot!

Boys watching pig ya do on a farm.

This is the pony E didn't ride.

Appropriate hay bale family photo. Check!

We found the swings on the playground, and that made Henry REALLY happy.

We went down this huge slide, and he nailed the photo finish.

We even rode a hayride to the big pumpkin fields.

Mommas and their boys are always so sweet.

E picked out his pumpkin.

And then it was about time to go.

Hugs all around.

Love this one of my guys.

E was pretty much tapped out at this point, but it was a super fun trip that we will do again next year!