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Bryce's Board


My sister-in-law and her family moved into a new house recently, and I wanted to give Bryce something special for his new room. But what? 

I saw this idea on Pinterest:

But it wasn't very boy-ish. Then I saw this idea:

And I realized I could combine them!

Chris already had chalkboard paint from his laundry room redo so all I needed was high-gloss white spray paint. 

I took an older cookie sheet and sprayed it with the white paint. After it was dry (I helped it out with the hair dryer.) I painted the inside of the pan with the chalkboard paint. 

It's difficult to see, but I printed out the letters of Bryce and cut them out. I placed them at the bottom on the tray and painted over them with the chalkboard paint. 

When it was all dry, I brushed a piece of chalk over the letters and they really popped out. 

I made magnets from some coke bottle tops. 

I hot glued white grosgrain ribbon to make a hanger. 

And done! 

I thought it needed one more thing so I glued a magnet onto a clothespin for an added touch. 

I think Bryce liked it because we hung it in his new room right after he opened it. 

Happy new house, Bryce!

Our weekend according to my new iphone 4s


We had an eventful weekend! 

Friday afternoon, I received my new iPhone 4s. I was using the original 3G, so this was a huge leap forward for me. As an ode to my new phone, all of the photos on this post were taken with it, using the  Instagram app. 

Friday night we saw these guys. 

Saturday morning, we met up with Chris' sister and her family for Bryce's baptism. We were thrilled to be asked to be his Godparents. 

On our way back from Little Rock, we decided to take a few detours. I had seen a cemetery in Carlisle, AR, that looked really interesting. It may sound weird, but I enjoy visiting cemeteries. I think roaming through the old graves and learning bits about people's lives is interesting. Here are some interesting shots I took in Carlisle. 

We even found some possible family members. 

Then we decided to head south just a little bit to Slovak, AR. Chris was baptized at the church there and his grandmother is buried there. On the way, we ran into this guy. 

Thankfully, he didn't run us off the road, and we arrived safely. 

Here's Chris' grandmother's headstone. 

I like this shot. It feels very southern to me. 

Here's the front of the church. Unfortunately, it was locked, and so we weren't able to get inside. 

Finally, after our wandering, we made it home, and this guy was happy to see us. 

Weekend visitors of the baby kind


Guess who came to see me this weekend? My nephews and Cook family! 

Here is two-week-old Colton.

 I love those cheeks! 

Turns out my couch is also good for infant napping, not just adults. 

Big brother Bryce wanted to join in on the napping time. 

But he was just pretending to sleep. 

Grandma got some good love time. 

While the boys spend some time outside. 

Colton woke up and decided he was hungry. The next few shots really tell the entire story. 

"Seriously, yo. I'm hungry. Don't just sit there and take pictures of me."

Momma made it better,

while Grandma prepped the bottle. 

I think he knew what was coming. 

Everyone was happy again.

After a big lunch, Bryce decided he might need a little cat nap on Chris' leather chair. 

And, finally it was Grandpa's turn to hold Colton. Now that Colton wasn't crying and hungry anymore!

While Colton was awake, we all made sure to get our hands on him. He studied Grandma for a long time. 

And, I got to talk to him for a bit. 

By the time it was Chris' turn, Colton was getting a little tired of being passed around. 

But, Uncle Chris made it okay again.

Colton just needed a different perspective. 

He hung out on Chris' legs for a bit and showed off his smile. 

And in closing, Bryce took this last photo. I think the composition and focus are right on. Maybe we have another photographer and blogger in the family!

I Still Tear Up


June 11th, 2010, was Chris and my 5th-year anniversary. Sadly, Chris is traveling for work, and so we spent our anniversary apart. But, we've pegged next Saturday as the day for celebration!

With a few days to myself, I've begun to pull out my box of wedding items and go through them. One of the first things I found was a video our photographer made for us as a surprise. 

We've watched it every year on our anniversary, and it makes me cry every time. There's no telling what kind of wedding I would plan today, but looking back, I loved our wedding. 

Here is our video. 


Are you a little teary eyed? I think what makes the video so touching is the song. I love the lyrics, and I think it tells the perfect story of a marriage.

Stained Glass Window
I'm singing a song to you. All day long if you want me to. 'Cause I wouldn't be who I am if I wasn't your man anymore. Your love is the rain in spring. Brings new life into everything we do.
If it wasn't for you, I'd be lonesome and blue that's for sure. So please don't ever replace me in your heart. Perish the thought of living if we should be apart. I'll give you my love completely and indiscreetly and tell the world who you are.
I'm singing myself to sleep. All my dreams will be yours to keep. 'Cause I wouldn't know what I know if I wasn't your man anymore. Your love is the sunshine too.
A stained glass window I'm looking through. It's true, if it wasn't for you, I'd be lonesome and blue that's for sure.
So please don't ever replace me in your heart. Perish the thought of living if we should be apart. I'll give you my love completely and indiscreetly and tell the world who you are.
-John Davis

I definitely wouldn't be who I am today had I not married Chris, and that makes me pretty happy.
Stay tuned to see what else I find in my wedding box!

**Also, for my nerds out there, my CD was an auto-play, and I couldn't save the files, so I used Camtasia to record it playing on my computer**

6 years ago. What were you doing?


I was taking these photos:

Christopher's sister, Crystal, gave birth to Bryce six years ago Thursday. Let's recap what six years ago would have been like. 
I was in college. I was wearing no makeup. Probably a t-shirt and jeans and flip-flops, and I was majoring in International Relations. Not because I wanted to solve world peace, but because I really enjoyed reading and writing about it all. What a luxury.
I skipped out on my favorite class, History of Death in America with Dr. Schantz, to go to Little Rock for Bryce's arrival. (Don't worry, I told Dr. Schantz, and he was of course cool with it.) ((Yes, History of Death in America was one of my favorite courses.))
Chris and I weren't engaged. We had been dating a year? I may be off on that calculation. Either way, I knew this was the family I was going to join, and so I was there. 
I don't know who looks younger if those photos above: Chris or Bryce. 

Bryce grew into this little guy at our wedding, and although he didn't quite make it down the aisle, he looked pretty dapper.

Then this guy at his previous birthday at my in-laws' house.


You might not be able to tell it, but we like to play together. 

He's a boy, and sometimes he likes to get into cages. 

But then he has to get clean. 

I like to cook, and he likes to eat. So does the "grown" man I live with. It works out well. No, the wine isn't Bryce's glass. Promise.

He likes my cooking. My heart melts. 

We kind of like each other. 

He thinks his uncle is pretty cool too. 

But I might be the favorite. ;)

Happy 6th birthday, Bryce!!!!