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I have a new home in many respects right now.  

We moved to a new house just a few weeks ago, and this is the new home of my blog!

I had become bored with my old blog, The Muddy Truth, and it didn't seem fitting anymore. I tried a new template to keep me interested, but it just wasn't working. I had begun storing my photos differently, and they were difficult to add to the blog, which is the short road to blog death. 

Also, The Muddy Truth was started when we moved to Memphis and onto Mud Island. Now that we've left the island, it seemed only fitting to leave The Muddy Truth as well. 

But don't worry! All the old posts are here if you want to reminisce. 

I struggled with a new blog name. I mulled over it for weeks. I finally decided to write down things that are important to me, words that described them and build off of that. I first thought of hearty. And I thought of it in many respects. Hearty laughter. Something being full and robust. I decided that's what I wanted. A robust life and home....full of happiness. Hearty Happy Home! My love for alliteration sealed the deal.  

I'm excited for this new chapter. Let it begin!